Music and Alpha builds

2017-01-16 20:16:23 by Jadzxa

I guess I'll try to get up some more music here and there, both original and stuff you guys can use. On another note, got up an early alpha of my DT2 - Atom Maker game. You can check it out here on gamejolt.  

Game system updates

2016-07-19 03:02:31 by Jadzxa

Yo, first I've been pretty off and on here, putting up demo music etc. But just thought I'd let you guys know what I've been up to. I've been developing my game series Elementar Rising for quite a while now, with the first done again finally, I have a running manga and one playable early version of a current system I'm working on for the rest of the series.  You can get a download to the playable versions of the first game below, as the game itself was turned into like an audio play/visual novel thing.

Dream Tear - Elementar Rising 1 stuff. (Rated T-M for suggestive themes, especially ep7.)



Playable stuff:

Download - Gamejolt (Recently released episode 7 which is a playable version of the work in progress system.)

Dream Tear - ER2 - Atom Maker manga. - Artwork by Kanoir - Story and characters, beside Imogen Jad4321 (Skytric)


Current system progress for another game in the series. - Carries some test sprites I made as well as just random used things to mess around with. 


But yeah, I guess things are deving around pretty good, honestly suprised how fast I'm now getting back to where I brought things from. I may get up more music, from both these projects and some random stuff you guys can use, but time,time,time. Anyways take it easy guys and glad I could update you on why I've been so dead around here.